Best Tile Floor Options For A Pet

According to the most recent survey, over 65% of Americans are pet owners. That means over 85 million families around the country must take an extra step in maintaining their homes by ensuring they have durable flooring.

While cute and cuddly, pets can be a nightmare for flooring due to bathroom accidents, sharp claws, and frequent running.  Additionally, some homes have additional damages to interior structures because of their pet slipping on a tile floor that is too slippery or smooth.

If you are a pet owner in need of a stylish floor solution that will hold up against the daily activities of your animal companion, then consider the following best tile floor options for a pet!

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Replacing your current flooring with ceramic tiles is an ideal solution to pet problems.  Ceramic tiles are inexpensive and relatively easy for any trained flooring contractor to install. Furthermore, they are incredibly durable and resistant to water damage, stains, scuffs, and scratches.

Additionally, ceramic tiles can be designed to look like the same material you already have on your floor.  This way, you won’t have to redecorate the entire house to accommodate your flooring needs.

Stone Tile

Homeowners who get new tile flooring in hagerstown md, often choose stylish natural stone.  Stone tiles have a rougher grain better suited to reducing paw slippage for your pet.  Once installed, natural stone tiles can be coated with a sealant to ensure protection from moisture.

The most commonly used types of stone tile for home with pets includes granite and quartzite.

Floor Installation

No matter what tile you choose, be sure to complete the work using licensed and professional contractors.  Without the proper equipment, you may accidentally cause excess and costly damage to your home.